The Preachers Library

What Free Service Means

When we say that The Preacher's Library is free, we mean that it does not cost you anything to use it. It is free for you to use. In other words, you were never be required to pay something to use this online service.

What Free Service Doesn't Mean

By "Free Service" we don't mean that it never requires any costs to exist. It is only free to you. It is not free to us. The Preacher's Library required a lot of time, talent, and treasure from some generous people who believed in its purpose.

The website was primarily created by Jacob Abshire as a project for Truth411. Special programming support was given by Dennis Rogers, creator of EveryOneWhoThirsts and TheWord. Hosting has been donated by AliasBDI, Inc..

How Can You Help?

The best help that you can provide is your feedback. We are motivated by hearing how you use The Preacher's Library and what sort of things would make it more valuable to you. Also, your prayers that we are efficient and productive with our time as well as any financial contributions that would relieve us from technical fees.

Financial Support

At the moment, we are not set up as (or through) a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. So we cannot give you any tax receipts for your donation. However, if you still wish give in order to help support us, please do through our PayPal account. In the future, we are hoping that the Lord will open up a door for us to provide official non-profit receipts to you.