The Preachers Library

All your books listed in one place.
You can find any of your books quickly. Using the filtering box, you can easily locate a number of books by typing in some referenced keywords. Or, page through your list and set the number of books per page to view. And, if you wish to rate your books, do so by clicking on the stars located to the right of each book title.

Edit your book data.
With each book, you can provide a review, tag, or a unlimited notes for future use. This is where our service will be growing the most. We are adding the ability to change (and suggest a new) book cover, title, and more. Your notes will be more accessible as well. And, when social capabilities are installed, your review will most useful to other readers.

Manage your book notes.
This where The Preacher's Library gets super helpful. If you always find interesting things written in a book and want to make sure that you can recall those things at a later time, you can! Just add some notes about the book for searching later.

Manage all of your notes.
Search, filter, sort and manage all of your notes in one place - just like your books.

More to come. Please email us with your request.